Quick Tips for Year End Giving

Thank you so much for your support of Jupiter Medical Center through a donation of stock or by wire transfer.  Below are instructions for each:


TD Ameritrade Account # 869245665 / DTC # 0188

215 S. US Highway 1

Tequesta, FL 33469

Jason Doran



Beneficiary Name:          Jupiter Medical Center Foundation, Inc.

Beneficiary Address:      1210 S. Old Dixie Highway

                                        Jupiter, FL 33458

Beneficiary Account #:    4284623125

Account Type:                 Unrestricted checking

Beneficiary Bank:            TD Bank

                                         2130 Centrepark West Drive

                                         West Palm Beach, FL 33409

Bank ABA#                      067014822

Swift code:                       NRTHUS33XXX

Ways to Give

We are grateful that you are considering supporting Jupiter Medical Center.

We know that making a charitable contribution is a very personal decision, and that every donor has their own reason for making a gift.  We want all of our supporters to experience genuine satisfaction in supporting Jupiter Medical Center, and so we offer a variety of ways to do so and have outlined the various advantages to each.  Hopefully, one of them will work best for you.

If you would like to speak with someone we would be pleased to do so, and encourage you to call the Foundation Office at (561) 263-5728.



Cash Gifts may be made in the form of a check or actual cash. Checks may be mailed, but cash should be delivered to the Foundation Office.


Gifts of cash are fully deductible for federal income tax purposes, provided you itemize your deductions, subject only to the limitation that your charitable deductions in any year cannot exceed 50% of your adjusted gross income. Contributions above 50% may be carried over for up to five subsequent years. In the carryover year the excess will be treated as if it were a current contribution.

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The Jupiter Medical Center Foundation encourages donors to consider making a pledge over a period of one to five years. For this purpose a donor may use either a Pledge Card or a Letter of Intent.


Making a pledge enables you as a donor to plan your giving so it is most convenient and most tax-wise. Spreading the payment period over several years allows charitable deductions to be claimed in years when tax liability is greatest. A pledge also makes it possible for you to consider a gift more significant than may otherwise be possible.

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Stock certificates can be reassigned directly to the Jupiter Medical Center Foundation or they may be transferred through your broker.


Federal income tax laws allow you to deduct the full market value of appreciated securities, subject only to a limitation of 30% of your adjusted gross income. The excess beyond the 30% may be carried forward for five years. By making a gift of appreciated stock you completely avoid paying the capital gains tax on the appreciated value.

In the case of securities which have decreased in value (have a fair market value less than your basis), you would benefit from selling the securities, taking the loss for tax purposes, and then contributing the cash. In this way you will receive a deduction for both the loss and for the charitable contribution.

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You may wish to give the Jupiter Medical Center Foundation items of tangible personal property such as artwork, rare books and manuscripts, museum quality artifacts or antiques. Three conditions must be met to ensure that the full fair market value of your gift qualifies for a tax deduction: first, the item must be related to the mission of the Foundation; second, you must have a holding period for the item which is greater than 12 months; and third, you must obtain an objective appraisal to determine the fair market value of the property. The Foundation Office will respond to any inquiries regarding a gift of tangible personal property to advise a donor on the interest of the Foundation with regard to a particular gift and to assist in obtaining an appraisal.


Gifts of personal property avoid capital gains taxes on the appreciated value of the property.

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Many employers have established matching gift programs that allow for an employee’s gift to be matched in greater, lesser or equal amounts by the employer based on certain criteria.

Matching gift policies vary from company to company. Jupiter Medical Center Foundation can assist you with determining if your employer has a matching gift program or here are some questions you may wish to ask your employer:

  • Will your employer match gifts made by your spouse or partner?
  • If you are retired, will your last employer match gifts made by retirees?
  • Will the ratio of the match increase if you are an active alumni or volunteer?
  • Does your employer match gifts of securities?
  • Does your employer match life income gifts?

Please contact your employer and the Jupiter Medical Center Foundation Office to coordinate a matching gift.

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