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As the outstanding medical resource for the region, Jupiter Medical Center is leading the way in healthcare innovations. Community-focused and regionally responsive, we provide patients with the beneficial impacts of cutting-edge technology and the highest quality in clinical care.

Nowhere is our vision more apparent than in our plans for a new, 90,000+ square-foot Surgical Institute. In response to growing regional demands, and our mission to provide world-class, comprehensive and advanced surgical care, we are planning to build 16 state-of-the-art operating rooms and two hybrid operating rooms in a dedicated facility slated to open in 2023.

Since our current surgery suites were built in 1995, substantial strides have been made in medical science. New technologies and techniques have resulted in safer surgeries, better outcomes, less invasive methods and shorter hospital stays. Our highly trained surgeons are now experts in robotic surgery, performing complex procedures with more precision than was possible in the past.

The Institute’s operating rooms will combine traditional surgery with image-guided interventional capabilities to create “operating rooms of the future.” Surgeons, radiologists and other medical providers will come together to perform sophisticated procedures with the advantage of real-time consultations.

To increase productivity in the surgical environment, we are creating anesthesia workrooms, multiple nurses’ stations, staff offices and a physicians’ lounge. Private consultation rooms and other comfortable areas for preoperative and postoperative meetings will further elevate the patient experience.

Jupiter Medical Center’s reputation for quality care is part of what attracts world-class surgeons. Thus, the Institute will include a spacious, dedicated physicians’ lounge with large windows for natural light, seating areas conducive to collaboration and a private dictation room, along with kitchen space and a quiet lounge area.

Patients, families and friends will also benefit from an enhanced experience with attention to every detail. Families and friends will have access to outdoor spaces with a terrace adjacent to the second-floor waiting room, along with a dedicated discharge area leading to covered parking for privacy and ease. Caregivers, staff and vendors will enter the Surgical Institute from dedicated entrances to keep the busy operations of the surgery department out of sight from patients and families.


Jupiter Medical Center is at the forefront of technology, surgical procedures and multidisciplinary care. Now, with the new Surgical Institute, we are expanding our infrastructure with 18 operating rooms.

Operating room design will incorporate the latest technologies and research, focused on preventing surgical infections. From built-in sterilization lighting and hands-free door operators, to leading-edge ventilation design, infection control is incorporated into every design consideration.

Integrating advanced surgical, imaging and information technology, the new Surgical Institute will utilize the latest in multilocation data collection to consolidate patient information and make it immediately available to a surgeon. Physicians will be able to access patient images during surgery and transmit images from the operating room to specialists for real-time consultations.

New functionality also makes it possible to perform 3D image-guided surgery, which aids the surgeon in visualization, enhances communication, and helps track and anticipate events. With larger operating rooms, physicians and other medical providers can move around the space, merging their expertise with ease and sharing precise details and real-time input.

Having a dedicated Surgical Institute allows our physicians to implement preoperative and postoperative standardized care with nursing staff experienced in taking care of surgical patients. In addition, our live video feed capabilities will support two-way teaching and put Jupiter Medical Center at the forefront of technologyassisted, experiential learning.


With an increased focus on team-based medicine and the introduction of leading-edge technology, Jupiter Medical Center’s new surgical suites will include two, state-of-the-art hybrid operating rooms.

Hybrid operating rooms allow for the combination of advanced image-guided surgery with open procedures. Additionally, if the need arises to convert a minimally invasive surgery to an open procedure, these spaces are conducive to a smooth transition to an open procedure by providing all the necessary capability and personnel in one space. The estimated 1,000-square-foot hybrid ORs, bring together surgeons, radiologists and others to tackle complex medical issues with minimally invasive procedures, in turn, reducing risks and delays, while improving patient safety and, ultimately, reducing costs. Patients typically experience a shorter recovery time following a procedure in a hybrid OR due to less stress from multiple surgeries.

In the hybrid OR, surgeons can perform complex cardiovascular, neurological, thoracic and orthopedic surgeries, with the number of procedures growing rapidly.


Safety, quality and patient care are what distinguish Jupiter Medical Center from other healthcare organizations. We care for our patients and their families in ways that are not only meaningful and valuable to each patient, but also through a nurturing environment that reduces stress and improves outcomes. We know that placing patients first means going beyond our world-class clinical care to embrace every aspect of the patient experience.

Our new Surgical Institute will enhance patient safety and privacy with the addition of a dedicated waiting area that will triple the amount of space currently available for families and loved ones. The waiting area will also include new patient-focused technology with up-to-the-minute information on where a patient is in the clinical process, while protecting patient privacy.


The Sterile Processing Department (SPD) is an integral function of Jupiter Medical Center’s Surgical Services. The SPD is responsible for the cleaning, assembly and sterilization of surgical instruments, inventory management of surgical instruments and surgical supplies, and vendor-provided implant and surgical instrument coordination, as well as picking the supplies for surgical case carts.

The newly planned Surgical Institute will provide a brand-new SPD that is designed to quadruple in functional square footage from approximately 1,200 feet to more than 5,000 feet. This will provide surgical services the space needed for current and future operational demands. The additional space will be outfitted with state-of-the-art equipment for best practice processing of minimally invasive surgical instrumentation. This expanded space and equipment will provide the ability for faster instrument cleaning and sterilization time, leading to increased access of surgical instrument inventory.

Infection prevention is a key component to the success of Jupiter Medical Center’s Surgical Services department. The new department will enhance these processes by having the space to employ more automated and mechanical cleaning processes such as conveyor systems, ultrasonic decontaminators, standardized workstations and improved storage capacity. Additionally, the new SPD will provide enhanced flow of biohazardous waste via dedicated material flow pathways, including dedicated dirty and clean elevators. Waste storage and disposal will occur in the SPD, clearly separate from the surgical suites, thus further reducing infection risks.

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