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Campaign Overview

This is a pivotal moment for Jupiter Medical Center and the patients and families we serve.

The region we serve has grown dramatically since our founding nearly four decades ago. Our population is increasing and more families with children are moving into the area. People are also living longer and coping with increasingly complex medical conditions.

To meet our patients’ health care needs, Jupiter Medical Center must continue to evolve into a regional medical destination that is comprised of centers of Excellence—world-class clinical programs that are comprehensive and highly specialized. This also includes recruiting first-rate physicians and adopting a multidisciplinary model of care often found in the nation’s leading academic medical centers.

We are continuing to build outstanding facilities and incorporating state-of-the-art technologies and techniques that help reduce recovery times and optimize treatment outcomes. In many disciplines, the advances we have achieved will literally make the difference between life and death for patients who can now receive prompt, expert care close to home for serious, life-threatening conditions in which every second counts.

The strategic plan that put Jupiter Medical Center on this exciting trajectory in recent years, is guided by a vision: bring world-class clinical programs close to home, while providing the highest standards of quality, safety and patient experience.

In 2015, we launched a historic $300 million Vision. Innovation. Impact. Campaign to secure the philanthropic support that will empower Jupiter Medical Center to deliver the region’s highest quality health care, while maintaining our independence and powerful dedication to our community. As of October 2018, we received more than $160 million in donations toward the $300 million campaign goal. This remarkable milestone vividly reflects the value placed on our service to the community by our friends, neighbors and champions.

Yet, we still have much to do and more to accomplish. Your continued generosity will support Jupiter Medical Center’s ongoing evolution into the region’s pre-eminent health care institution, while maintaining our independence and our focus on the health and well-being of the region.

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Vision. Innovation. Impact.

Imagine a world where hospitals focus on wellness rather than illness; a place where patients feel empowered to take charge of their health at every stage of their lives.

Jupiter Medical Center is working hard to make that world a reality by putting you and our community at the forefront of personalized care, one patient at a time. To fulfill this critical mission, we’re embarking on a bold $300 million comprehensive campaign - Vision. Innovation. Impact. - that will expand access to world-class health care across our region.

By investing with us in our community’s health and vitality, you can help us:

  • Fulfill the Vision of our campaign by meeting the region’s growing demand for critical health services, such as advanced cardiac care, expanded pediatric services and comprehensive stroke care. Your generous support will enable us to provide care for a higher acuity of illness through the construction of new facilities, including state-of-the-art patient rooms, labs and surgical suites, and the expansion of our partnerships with the most highly skilled physicians.
  • Drive our mission to foster Innovation in patient-centered care, advanced procedures and services through the acquisition of leading-edge technology, treatment protocols, and resources that help attract the next generation of medical leaders to our doors.
  • Make a lasting Impact on the health and well-being of patients by expanding points of access. This expansion includes the construction of conveniently located facilities and the creation of pioneering education and outreach programs, tools and services so that everyone can get the care they need, when they need it.

2 As ranked by The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) 2020 Report.
3 As ranked by CareChex by Comparion for Medical Excellence for hip fracture, joint replacement, major orthopedic surgery, and cardiac, neurological and stroke care.
4 As ranked by CareChex by Comparion for Patient Safety for joint replacement, major orthopedic surgery, pulmonary and overall care.

Jupiter Medical Center

Ranked #1 for safety, quality and patient satisfaction, Jupiter Medical Center is the leading destination for world-class health care in Palm Beach County and the Treasure Coast region.


Our rankings and awards mean one thing—at Jupiter Medical Center, our people make the difference. Everything we do is designed to exceed expectations and to ensure we earn the highest levels for world-class quality and patient satisfaction.

  • #1 Ranked
  • 10% Ranked
  • 10% Ranked

Our Medical Services

Our mission to build fully integrated, comprehensive medical services that will support our patients’ entire health and wellness journey depends on you. Here’s how your generosity can make an immediate impact in helping Jupiter Medical Center to become the premier hospital of choice in South Florida and beyond.

  • Anderson Family Cancer Institute

    Anderson Family Cancer Institute

    To meet the needs of the region, Jupiter Medical Center’s Comprehensive Cancer Program will have the ability to fully serve patients from diagnosis through treatment. Additional, philanthropic support is essential to fully realize Jupiter Medical Center’s evolution from a high-quality community hospital to a world class regional resource, while maintaining our strong community orientation and independence.

  • Children's Institute

    Children's Institute

    Expansion of our pediatric services into a full-featured Children’s Institute will make our unique region a healthy, vibrant place for all—including our youngest, most vulnerable residents.

  • Gastroenterology Institute

    Gastroenterology Institute

    New insights into the intricate workings of the digestive tract, the precursors of serious disease, and the course of disease for cancers that affect digestive organs, are constantly propelling new treatment strategies and technologies. The Gastroenterology Institute is on course to provide a comprehensive spectrum of services that will allow community members, with virtually any gastrointestinal condition, to access the specialized, diagnostic and interventional procedures they require right here at Jupiter Medical Center.

  • Neurosciences Institute

    Neurosciences Institute

    The Neurosciences Institute will be a resource for patients with varied, chronic neurological conditions where they can receive care from neurologists, physical therapists, nutritionists and other health professionals in one multidisciplinary facility. Patients will also have access to stereotactic EEG and other advanced diagnostic technologies, as well as leading-edge therapies like Vagus Nerve Stimulation for treatment-resistant depression, Deep Brain Stimulation for Parkinson’s disease, and Botox injections for dystonia. Neurologic injuries and diseases are among the most complex conditions to treat. With the creation of a Neurosciences Institute, patients will receive around-the-clock care from team members with advanced critical care training.

  • Orthopedics & Spine Institute

    Orthopedics & Spine Institute

    The evolution of our already outstanding medical and surgical services for joint, back and neck issues into a renowned Center of Excellence, the Orthopedics & Spine Institute is a key component of the visionary strategic plan that is transforming health care in our region. Continued philanthropic generosity will enable us to elevate and fully integrate our world-class orthopedics and spine care, creating a truly extraordinary resource for diagnosis, treatment, rehabilitation and recovery.

  • Robson Heart & Vascular Institute

    Robson Heart & Vascular Institute

    At Jupiter Medical Center, the Cardiac Rehabilitation Program is a robust program that includes monitored exercise, nutritional counseling and emotional support to help most heart disease patients lower their risk of future heart problems by making changes to improve their health. In the next phase, Jupiter Medical Center’s cardiac rehab will continue offering advanced Cardiac Rehabilitation for patients recovering from open-heart surgery, with enhancements that will include a cardiac prevention program, stress management, a nutrition education program and more.

  • Surgical Institute

    Surgical Institute

    Jupiter Medical Center’s new Surgery Institute will expand our surgical infrastructure to meet a growing demand and incorporate the most powerful, new techniques and technologies. Jupiter Medical Center’s patient volumes in both traditional and minimally invasive surgical procedures have seen explosive growth in recent years. The surgical teams in our various Centers of Excellence currently perform more than 8,400 procedures annually.

  • The Institute for Patient & Family-Centered Care

    The Institute for Patient & Family-Centered Care

    Placing patients first requires more than world-class clinical care—it requires addressing every aspect of the patient and family experience at Jupiter Medical Center. This includes resources for physical comfort, and educational, emotional and spiritual needs. The Institute for Patient & Family-Centered Care at Jupiter Medical Center is the cornerstone of our strategic plan—to continue to be the premier, patient-centered health care system in the region.

  • Women's Institute

    Women's Institute

    Jupiter Medical Center is dedicated to providing women throughout the region a continuum of expert, empathetic, and cutting-edge health and wellness services at every age and stage of their life journey. During the last four years, campaign gifts to various aspects of our women’s health services have made it possible to expand our facilities, advance our technologies and enhance our capabilities. Now, with your continued generosity, we are embarking on the creation of a comprehensive Women’s Health Institute.

  • COVID-19 Relief

    COVID-19 Relief

    The COVID-19 pandemic has created financial challenges for hospitals nationwide and the negative consequences are piling up. Our front-line health care workers have been working tirelessly to fight this deadly new contagion that is unpredictable and demanding.

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Ways To Give


By funding an endowment, you will make it possible for Jupiter Medical Center to continue its legacy of world-class health care for generations to come.


Your unrestricted gift provides maximum flexibility, enabling Jupiter Medical Center to put your donation to work where it is most needed to fulfill the campaign’s goals.

Want To Learn More?

Contact the Jupiter Medical Center Foundation today to learn about the good we’re doing and how to get involved.