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Jupiter Medical Center is dedicated to providing women throughout the region a continuum of expert, empathetic, and cutting-edge health and wellness services at every age and stage of their life journey. During the last four years, campaign gifts to various aspects of our women’s health services have made it possible to expand our facilities, advance our technologies and enhance our capabilities. Now, with your continued generosity, we are embarking on the creation of a comprehensive Women’s Health Institute.


At Jupiter Medical Center, we believe that every woman deserves to receive breast screening with state-of-the-art diagnostic technologies, convenient hours and same-day results. In 2015, our Margaret W. Niedland Breast Center opened and, today, houses the most advanced and sophisticated, noninvasive imaging and diagnostic capabilities within a harmoniously designed environment. All patients receive three-dimensional (3-D) mammography with the lowest radiation dose. Mammograms are read by one of our board-certified radiologists with fellowship training, and—unique in our service region—results are provided on the same day.

Margaret W. Niedland Breast Center diagnostic services also include bone density screening, genetic risk assessment for breast and gynecological cancers, counseling and testing, and minimally invasive breast biopsies.


The collaborative, patient-centered care of our Comprehensive Breast Program helps to ease the journey for newly diagnosed cancer patients. Sophisticated approaches to breast cancer surgery available at Jupiter Medical Center include hidden scar, breast conservation, oncoplastic (aesthetic reshaping or rebuilding of the breast) and nipple-sparing procedures. Specialists also provide multidisciplinary expertise in the treatment of other malignancies that can affect women such as ovarian, cervical and colon cancer. As they develop customized treatment plans, our physicians provide candid, complete communication with patients so that they can begin planning for their course of therapy.

Our expert care encompasses both surgical and medical treatments for conditions such as intrauterine fibroids, pelvic floor prolapse and incontinence. Our surgeons have performed more than 1,000 robotic surgical procedures, in addition to thousands of laparoscopic and open radical surgeries. Jupiter Medical Center has also recruited some of the best fellowship-trained and board-certified oncological surgeons during the past five years. These surgeons are recognized in their fields of oncologic surgery and are often sought after by patients nationally.


Jupiter Medical Center has made a commitment to serve women’s overall wellness with a number of programs being offered through the Cary Grossman Health & Wellness Center, including cardiovascular and strength training, personal training, health coaching, a golf health program, nutrition counseling and weight management. Jupiter Medical Center also offers a comprehensive pelvic health rehabilitation program. Our pelvic health physical therapists have advanced training and experience in assessing and treating specialized conditions, including pelvic pain, pain and dysfunction in pregnancy, and incontinence, among others.

“Jupiter Medical Center is dedicated to providing women throughout the region a continuum of expert, empathetic, and cutting-edge health and wellness services at every age and stage of their life journey.”

Dr. Susan Poncy, Medical Director, Women’s Health Program


Women’s services at Jupiter Medical Center are among the very best in the region, with beautiful, new facilities, highly trained physicians and top-flight technologies. As the second phase of our Vision. Innovation. Impact. Campaign gets underway, we are working to expand and enhance these superb resources to more fully meet the needs of our female patients.

Enhanced Genetic Testing and Risk Assessment Health Screening: In April 2018, a recommendation was released by the American College of Radiology and the Society of Breast Imaging stating that all patients should have a genetic risk assessment at age 30, not only to identify their risk of breast cancer, but to identify additional areas of medical concern. Many organizations are adjusting screening ages, including the American Cancer Society that lowered the recommended screening for colon cancer from age 50 to age 45 in May 2018.

Menopause Clinic: This clinic will specialize in the management of menopause symptoms and menopause complicated by other medical conditions. The aim is to help women regain their quality of life through menopause therapies.

Breast Pain Clinic: For most women, breast pain resolves itself over time, but for others, the pain is overwhelming and chronic. This clinic will help women evaluate the cause of their breast pain and provide a variety of medical treatments, including alternative medicine to better manage the pain.

Women’s Lung Health Program: Despite the fact that more and more women in the United States are affected by lung disease, women frequently do not receive the appropriate care. The Women’s Lung Health Program at Jupiter Medical Center will become a unique resource dedicated to the care of female patients with lung disease.

Women’s lung health is a focus for many reasons: women have a higher rate of asthma than men; in the United States, women with COPD outnumber men; and the incidence of lung cancer in women continues to increase while declining in men. More women die from lung cancer than breast cancer, and two-thirds of them never smoked.

Developed in conjunction with the Thoracic Surgery & Lung Center of Excellence, the Women’s Lung Health Program will be designed to optimize care across the lifespan of women with lung conditions and diseases.

State-of-the-Art Technology and Facilities: With the impressive growth of the Margaret W. Niedland Breast Center, the need to expand these facilities is imminent and would include augmenting the equipment, technology, and physicians. The Margaret W. Niedland Breast Center has become known throughout the region for having cutting-edge technology not found in most breast and imaging centers, including 3-D mammography. Jupiter Medical Center is committed to ensuring that we stay ahead of the curve with the continuous integration of new technology and techniques, including a 3T MRI with advanced breast imaging capabilities and higher resolution technology to enhance imaging definition and 3-D stereotactic biopsy technology that uses computer imaging to guide the removal of tissue, among others.

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