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Advancing the Health Care Needs of Women & Children

While Jupiter Medical Center gets top marks for obstetrics, we know that women’s health care needs last a lifetime. That is why we’re reimagining the delivery of health care for women to provide integrated, comprehensive health and wellness services across all life stages.

We also recognize that children aren’t simply small adults; they have unique medical needs that we believe are best answered with a forward-thinking approach to care. In 2013, we partnered with the Nicklaus Children’s Hospital (formerly Miami Children’s Hospital) to give patients in our community access to additional sources of premier pediatric care. Now it’s time to expand that access closer to home by opening a 12-bed Inpatient De George Pediatric Unit, including two pediatric surgical suites, at Jupiter Medical Center.

To fulfill our vision, we’re embarking on a bold $300 million comprehensive campaign. This includes a $22 million goal to expand access to the crucial obstetric/gynecologic services women need to retain their health and to age well, and create a state-of-the-art 12-bed Inpatient De George Pediatric Unit to give children in our region the specialized, attentive care they need and deserve. By investing together, your generous support can help us answer even the most complex needs of women, infants and children with worldclass, family-centered medical services and programs designed to provide a continuum of care throughout their lives.

“As women’s and children’s health care providers and advocates, we envision a system of coordinated care that provides support specifically for women and families throughout all of the stages of their lives.”

Dr. Susan Poncy, Medical Director, Women’s Health Program


Your Health, Your Family, Your Hospital

Jupiter Medical Center honored its long-standing commitment to family health with the opening of the Florence A. De George Children’s and Women’s Services obstetrics unit and the Margaret W. Niedland Breast Center. With the continued generosity of our donors, our goal is to further expand our capabilities so that patients have access to the most advanced obstetric/gynecologic, neonatal and pediatric care possible.

For women, this means enhancing the ability of our multi-disciplinary team to provide leading-edge treatment options. For children, it means expanding our ability to provide advanced treatment, including earning Level II neonatal intensive care designation to give premature and sick babies more extensive care and support, and the creation of the new 12-bed Inpatient De George Pediatric Unit in partnership with Nicklaus Children’s Hospital and two pediatric surgical suites.

  • $22 Million


  • 12 Bed


  • 2000 Birth Capacity



A Multidimensional Approach To Women's & Children's Health Care

Your generous gift will help create a hub for the delivery of lifelong care to women and children, including:


  • A continuum of care to meet the specific needs of women across their entire health care journey.
  • Health and wellness coaching that guides patients along the path to a healthier life.
  • Family-centered care and support services, including state-of-the-art patient and treatment rooms and family respite rooms to foster healing.


  • Elite pediatric care with the creation of the Level II De George Neonatal Intensive Care Unit and a 12-bed Inpatient De George Pediatric Unit with two surgical suites designed to meet the needs of children.
  • World-class pediatric specialists so that families can access the care their children need, close to home, when they need it.
  • A family-centered approach that recognizes the unique role families play in healing and wellness.
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Start Healthy, Stay Healthy

The expansion of women’s and children’s care at Jupiter Medical Center’s Comprehensive Cancer Institute is one of the crucial ways we’re reimagining the way health care is delivered.

By investing in Jupiter Medical Center, you’re helping to give the youngest members of our community the best start possible in life. Equally important, your generous gift will build a fully integrated system of care for women, where services are accessible and abundant, and where leading-edge medical innovation and top-tier medical professionals come together to help ensure children and women stay healthy throughout their lives.

Let’s work together to advance the health of children and women for generations to come, right here in the community where you live, work and play.

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